Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'Hunting A Schizophrenic Wolf' -- Coming Soon from The Fucked Up Beat

Last week, I wrote about ‘Roswell Radio Cult,’ by The Fucked Up Beat. I’m excited to write that ‘Hunting A Schizophrenic Wolf’ will be available for purchase on Daddy Tank Records in June. This will be The Fucked Up Beat’s 12th album, and their first ‘physical’ release.  I’ve had the privilege of hearing it, and it is fantastic.

The Fucked Up Beat is Eddie Palmer and Brett Zehner. Eddie Palmer recently shared some insight with me on their working method, which is conducted with Eddie in New York and Brett in San Diego. I’d been intrigued by their song titles and had asked about them. “In terms of the song titles,” Eddie wrote, “Brett sends me free form typewriting, and I take parts of his writing and cut it up into song titles. Some of the words are parts of poems by Allen Ginsberg, on a few songs. I create the album artwork before recording.

 “The songs for each album start when Brett sends me beats and field recordings. I then cut up and edit his beats and add my own bass, keyboards and synths. Then I go back and add some very short samples from 1920's and 1930's American jazz songs, all public domain. I sometimes loop these samples. Then there is a process of collaging and editing to get the final version.

“The process happens rather quickly. I work best when I do everything all at once. Brett and I are in a good place with the process, and we both have the same idea of what we want to do. He sends me things, then I add things and show them to him. It’s rather easy for us to work this way.”

One of the things I like best about the music of The Fucked Up Beat is how well its collage elements mesh together. The music has a terrific smoothness and unity, and it creates a fresh, independent vision from its diverse source material.

Here is a preview from ‘Hunting A Schizophrenic Wolf.’

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