Sunday, December 14, 2014

Strange Territory

The Rough Windows Radio Hour, Program 6: Strange Territory by Jimcheff on Mixcloud

Music that suggests unfamiliar terrains. Featuring Boards of Canada, Miles Davis, The Advisory Circle, and Bruce Lacey. You'll find unusual music for movies in this mix, as well: Bruce Langhorne's haunting theme for 'Idaho Transfer' ... and the 'Finale and Credits' from 'Blood On Satan's Claw,' by Marc Wilkinson.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Little Fur Family

These pictures from "Little Fur Family" are just the right mix of cozy and eerie for these gloomy winter evenings. Story by Margaret Wise Brown; illustrations by Garth Williams.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mount Maxwell Radio Reviews 'Shut-Eyed Stories'

Many thanks to Mount Maxwell Radio for a lovely and thoughtful review of "Shut-Eyed Stories": "Wonderfully perplexing 13-track album based, presumably, on the artist’s own recorded dreams. Cheff’s music sounds vaguely Radiophonic/Ghost Box, while Cheryl Love’s narration is pure BBC. In less capable hands the whole thing could have been a recipe for disaster, but Cheff keeps it interesting by resisting the urge to tie a narrative bow around his dream’s conclusions. Instead, the tracks end much like actual dreams; suddenly, strangely, and inconclusively, with Love’s final utterances hanging in the air like riddles ..." (read more)

Rough Windows Radio Hour, Program 4: Numina

The Rough Windows Radio Hour, Program 4: Numina by Jimcheff on Mixcloud