Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tove Jansson Paintings

Some pictures by Tove Jansson, the beloved creator of the Moomins. "The Hermit," pastel (1935), "Mystical Landscape," oil (1930s) and "Portrait of Maya Vanni by Tove," oil (1938).

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leonora Carrington (paintings), and Penelope Rosemont (on Surrealism)

 “The Surrealists’ chosen method was the affirmation of the Marvelous – the production of disquietingly anti-rationalist images that disrupt positivist and other restrictive ways of thinking and being … therefore provoking (the beholder) to come to grips with their own inner reality and its relation to the external world.”

 “Surrealism does not reject reality but expands the definition of reality to include the unconscious.”
  – (paraphrasing)

"(The entire argument of) Surrealism … can be seen as a poetic warning of what Breton called the “extreme precariousness” of the human condition: If civilization persists on its disastrous path – denying dreams, degrading language, shackling love, destroying nature, perpetuating racism, glorifying authoritarian institutions, and reducing all that exists to the status of disposable commodities – then, for us, and the planet (devastation is certain)."

 – Penelope Rosemont