Wednesday, March 27, 2013

USO 'Letter Home' Record (1944)

A few years ago, I found a USO ‘Letter Home’ record in an antique store. It was recorded by a soldier, Private Edwin Platz, in 1944. These were individually pressed records that men in the service sent to their loved ones back home. I’m always hunting for unique and unusual records, but I was thrilled to find this, as it is truly one-of-a-kind. The surface of the record was badly cracked and damaged, but it did play amazingly well in a few spots. It’s almost seventy years old and was certainly not made to last. “Well, here I am again. I’m destined to follow you forever, I guess. (unclear) Well I got in town today and it’s about one 1:30. Cost me five bucks to get off K.P. for this afternoon. So you see, I do think of you a little bit, even if I don’t write all the time. I called Mom up tonight. She said she hadn’t heard from you for quite a while, so why don’t you try to write to her. A couple of guys here … I don’t know (unclear). He’s from Michigan. I believe (unclear) The other one (unclear) Peter Rabbit, just another moron, you know, like me. (unclear) Ow, that hurt. He hit me on the knee. Anyway, we had a lot of fun together back home (unclear) … the best of it. I finally made my (unclear) to (unclear) paratrooper (?) so it’s all settled (unclear). So if I drop down in front of your front yard in a parachute, well … don’t be surprised. (unclear) Well, I hope you’ll tell your folks hello, and, I can’t think of a heck of a lot to say that you don’t already know. I guess maybe I’d better (unclear) your day (unclear) when I get back (unclear) hold you in my arms again (unclear). Well, goodnight, darlin’.”

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